I dream, I recall

Curious Encounters 1/5: Regard for Self and Other

I created this series of paintings where I invited pairs of people (some friends or intimates, some strangers) to encounter themselves and the other through the power of regard. I invited them to make congruent statements (a simple “I” plus a present-tense verb, i.e. “I gaze, I embrace, I enjoy”), to check in with their internal experience and to seat themselves in their will. Through this practice of self-regard, they met themselves, the other, and the viewer in encounters rooted in curiosity, and openness. I then painted these photographs, integrating their congruent statements (such as “I dream, I strengthen, I play”) as well as the moments captured in their facial expressions. Five pairs of paintings show five separate encounters, which invite the viewer to in turn encounter them with curious regards. 

Melissa: I dream, I admire, I engage, I strengthen, I play, I stabilize
Lily: I recall, I gaze, I empty, I relax, I engage, I breathe

Acrylic on Wood Panel
24″ x 30″

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